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glass door lock


Specializing in the field of smart lock production


Smart Entry Door Lock


  • The lock is aluminum alloy,durable and corrosion resistance.

  • 5 ways to unlock: Fingerprint, Password, Key, Card, App.

  • Convenient APP management system, you can manage your smart lock anytime and anywhere.

  • Suitable for residential/apartment/office and other scenarios.

Keyless Entry Door Lock


  • Aluminum alloy integral molding process, durable and scratch-resistant, beautiful as new.

  • One drop of the smart IC card will open the door, anti-copy, more secure.

  • Virtual password design to prevent passwords from being peeped.

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock


  • Metal material, high hardness panel, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

  • Integrated 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition, more accurate and faster.

  • If the password and fingerprint are incorrect for 5 consecutive times, an alarm will sound and the device will be locked for five minutes.

Smart Digital Door Lock


  • The free handle design effectively prevents violent unlocking.

  • The virtual password design prevents the risk of password leakage at close range.

  • Multi-level permissions, assigned online.

Tuya Smart Door Lock


  • Using high-sensitivity semiconductor three-dimensional fingerprint sensor, the identification area is large.

  • A password can be generated anytime and anywhere, which is convenient for relatives and friends to enter and exit.

  • If the lock is out of power, you can use USB for emergency power supply.

Digital Door Lock


  • The pure copper lock cylinder is used, which is anti-pry and anti-violence to open the lock.

  • Long battery life and high capacity lithium battery, no need to replace frequently.

  • Shield electromagnetic interference and prevent it from being opened by the "little black box".

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