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smart lock box

Mechanical Password


For indoor or outdoor,doors, cars, cabinets, etc.

Strong and durable, with impact resistance, rust resistance.

Smart Lock Box


  • Made of high quality zinc alloy material, corrosion resistant, durable.

  • With adhesive and anti-collision silicone pad, waterproof and anti-collision, arbitrarily installed outdoors or indoors.

  • This key box can not only store keys, but also function as a doorbell, multi-purpose. 

 Smart Key Box


  • There are four ways of unlocking, which can be unlocked through Bluetooth APP + swiping card + digital password + remote dynamic temporary password. 

  • Made of zinc alloy and stainless steel, it is strong and resistant to all kinds of bad weather. It can be placed indoors or outdoors, hung on doorknobs or fixed to the wall. 

  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries, the battery life is strong and waterproof, giving you the freedom to install anywhere. 

Security Lock Box


  • A variety of unlock methods for you to choose, password unlock + APP unlock + remote unlock .

  • The smart key box can be placed indoors or outdoors and can be recharged using a battery or USB port .

  • App quick unlock, remote unlock, visitors to easily send dynamic password to unlock.

  • Zinc alloy /ABS material, high strength zinc alloy shell, durable.

Key Lock Box


  • Zinc alloy material, durable, not affected by the weather.

  • Password key box, free to set 4 password, there are thousands of combinations to choose from.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, mounted on walls or fixtures.

Combination Lock Box


  • Zinc alloy lock body, dustproof and rustproof, can be placed indoors or outdoors.

  • The key box comes with a 4-digit password, which can be set freely; high security and anti-theft.

  • Large internal space, can place home keys, car keys, etc.

Key Box With Code


  • Made of durable aluminum alloy and plastic, provides impact resistance and rust resistance .

  • Dial the default code (0-0-0-0) to open the key box,and set your own password.

  • The 4-digit combination can be reset as needed to enhance security, locks provide more than 10,000 possible combinations.

  • Waterproof cover protects the lock box and any storage keys from outdoor elements.

Key Safe Lock Box


  • Double protection, aluminum alloy lock body + surface spray treatment, waterproof and durable.

  • Safe and reliable, all metal reinforced panel, more protection against picklock.

  • Any set of four or more than four password, button to open the password lock, easy to use.

  • Suitable for all kinds of places, convenient storage and management of keys.

Wall Mount Lock Box


  • Made of zinc alloy material, strong and durable, can be placed indoors or outdoors. 

  • The key box comes with a 4 digit password, you can set your own password freely.

  • The extra-large key case can hold multiple keys, and can be mounted on walls or fixtures.

Key Box Combination


  • Large space in the key box, easy to manage more keys.

  • High density steel plate key box, convenient and technological safety.

  • A variety of models and specifications of the key box you choose,  free to choose their own.

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