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glass door lock


Specializing in the field of smart lock production

Tuya Smart Door Lock

  • Using a high-sensitivity semiconductor three-dimensional fingerprint sensor, the identification area is large.

  • A password can be generated anytime and anywhere, which is convenient for relatives and friends to enter and exit.

  • If the lock is out of power, you can use USB for the emergency power supply.

Product Parameter

Product model: KRS-EL330

Brand Name: KENRONE

Material: Aluminum alloy
Unlock way: Fingerprint, Password, IC card, Key, APP
Mechanical lock cylinder: Super C-level lock cylinder
Battery type: 4 AA batteries
Password length: 24 digits
Applicable door thickness: 38~55mm
Door opening direction: Common to left and right inside and outside
Emergency power supply: MicroUSB power supply
Fingerprint storage capacity: 200 (pieces)
Number of unlocks: >100000(times)
Scan time: < 0.5 s
Falsehood rate: <0.001 %
Rejection rate: <0.015 %
Working temperature: -30~55℃
Working humidity: 5~95 ( %)

Product Details

Tuya Smart Door Lock
Tuya Smart Door Lock
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