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U Lock


Hydraulic Shear Resistant 

Hammers Resistant 


Bike U Lock


  • Adopt C-grade pure copper blade lock cylinder, safe and anti-theft. 

  • The outside of the lock body and lock beam is made of environmentally friendly silicone, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

  • The steel cable is made of PVC material, non-toxic and tasteless. 

  • Suitable for bicycles, electric vehicles, etc.

Anti Theft Bike Lock


  • Made of environmentally friendly zinc alloy with good mechanical properties and wear resistance.

  • The mechanical combination lock is relatively stable, durable, sturdy and reliable.

  • Short unlock time, convenient and quick to use.

  • Suitable for bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, etc.

Smart U Lock


  • Adopt semiconductor living fingerprint sensor, can store 10 fingerprints.

  • USB interface, built-in rechargeable lithium battery. 

  • PVC shell protection, IP67 waterproof. 

  • Suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, folding cars, etc.

Fingerprint U Lock


  • Thickened aluminum alloy material, more secure anti-theft.

  • USB port at the bottom of the lock, which can be charged and provide emergency power. 

  • Long standby time, battery full electrolytic lock more than 1000 times.

  • Suitable for a variety of places, not only home, stores can also be used.

U Shaped Lock


  • USB charging, long endurance.

  • Silicone case protection, waterproof and rustproof.

  • Metal lock body, strong and durable.

  • Suitable for offices, motorcycles, warehouses, etc.

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