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Why choose Kenronesafe Smart U-Lock?

U-locks are very common in daily life and are widely used, such as shop glass doors, office glass doors, motorcycles, bicycles, electric vehicles, etc. According to incomplete statistics, in 2019, including over-standard cars, national-standard cars and electric motorcycles, the total sales exceeded 38 million units, setting a record high. According to this trend, the demand for U-locks will be a huge number.

The U-lock has a very high safety factor, the weight is basically 1.5-2kg, the structure is simple and easy to use, it is suitable for long-term use as the main lock, and it is enough to lock the frame and two wheels.

U-locks are mostly used outdoors and are often exposed to wind and rain. Kenronesafe smart U-lock silicone case protects, supports IP67 dustproof and waterproof, especially KRS-SL230, which hides a Micro USB charging port with

waterproof rubber plug, a fingerprint recognition panel and an indicator light. As the core of fingerprint locks, the speed and accuracy of fingerprint recognition have become the absolute factors for users to measure whether the lock is good or not. Kenronesafe smart fingerprint U-lock adopts living fingerprint recognition technology with a very high security level, combined with intelligent fingerprint detection algorithm, the false recognition rate reaches 0.001%, and the lock can be unlocked quickly in 0.5s. These

performances are not inferior to smart fingerprint door locks.

It can be seen that if you are interested in smart U-locks, then Kenronesafe must be your best choice.

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