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What type of locks can lock pickers not easily break into?

We use locks in many places in our daily life, and the safety of using locks has become a matter of great concern to people. Everyone always has a question: what kind of door lock should I choose so that it is not easy to be picked?

In my opinion, a door lock that is not easy to be picked should have two points: first, the quality of the lock itself is good, and choosing a safe anti-theft door lock will be safer than ordinary locks; second, the function of the lock is threatening to thieves.

Then the smart door lock is our best choice.

1. Password, fingerprint, and APP unlocking methods can be managed through mobile applications to know the status of the door lock at any time and to clearly grasp the security of your home. Smart unlocking makes it impossible for thieves to pry.

2. Equipped with a C-level lock cylinder, even if there is a mechanical key unlocking hole, it will not be easy for thieves to pry open, the high-security protection lock cylinders.

3. Alarm prompt, if the lock is picked violently or the password is entered incorrectly, an alarm will be issued, threatening the thief, and attracting the attention of the surrounding neighbors to protect the safety of the family.

Take action, choose KENRONE, choose a suitable smart door lock for your family, and make your home a safer haven!

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