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What’s the Advantage of the Electronic Code Lock?

Code lock, it can also be called password lock, or digital lock. And as the world develops, now there is an extension of mechanical key password locks, mechanical dial password locks, electronic key password locks, electronic touch password locks, and so on. The emergence and development of these categories have brought convenience and a sense of experience to users to varying degrees.

Compared with electronic password locks, for price consideration, many users prefer mechanical password locks, then what are the benefits for the emergence and development of electronic password locks? Is electronic password lock really more expensive than mechanical password lock?

We can see many places a mechanical combination locks, such as mechanical dial password bicycle lock, mechanical dial password padlock, mechanical dial password gun box, these use mechanical password, in the process of use, it does not need to worry about power supply problems, the cost is cheaper. Let's take a look at the electronic password lock, with waterproof protection function, do not have to worry about use in the outdoor environment.

At the same time in the sense of experience, the electronic password is more sensitive, such as the gun box, sensitive to open the box timely taking out the gun is particularly urgent and important.

In addition, the electronic password can set multiple digits and multiple groups of passwords, which is mechanical lock does not have, in the level of security is far better than the mechanical lock.

In price, in fact, the electronic lock is not higher than the mechanical lock many, in the same specifications, basically in the USD1-2 space can buy high-quality electronic lock.

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