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What is a fingerprint padlock?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Padlocks are very common in life and I'm sure everyone has a padlock. It is a product that has been around for many years and has various sizes and security levels due to its wide range of uses. Now, the days of traditional padlocks are gone and with them comes the smart fingerprint padlock.

Therefore, this may raise the question - what is a fingerprint padlock?

Fingerprint padlock is an intelligent lock with fingerprints of human finger parts as the identification carrier and means, generally composed of two parts: electronic identification and control, mechanical linkage system. The uniqueness and irreproducibility of the live fingerprint determines that the fingerprint padlock is the most secure lock of all locks.

So what are the advantages of a fingerprint padlock?

Next we will talk about the three main advantages of fingerprint padlocks.

  • Security:compared to traditional padlocks, fingerprint padlocks are more secure; for example, the traditional padlock key is easy to be copied, the password is easy to be peeked, so the fingerprint security can be said to be the highest. And the current fingerprint recognition technology is becoming more and more advanced, coupled with in vivo recognition, so security can be said to be completely free of worry.

  • Convenience: the so-called convenience, the first thing to solve is inconvenience. For many students, it is easy to forget or lose the key situation, thus unable to open the suitcase, so in order to be more convenient, you can change a fingerprint padlock, both convenient and safe.

  • Anti-theft: analyzed in terms of anti-theft, the rejection rate and recognition rate, is not only one of the most important indicators, but also one of the parameters to ensure the anti-theft performance of the padlock, so that thieves can not copy the fingerprints, so no need to worry about the loss of your items.

This is the advantage of fingerprint padlocks, so why don't we hurry to replace traditional padlocks with fingerprint padlocks?

Kenronesafe is a smart lock manufacturer that offers a range of smart padlock products, including fingerprint padlocks, in addition to smart padlocks with other features such as Tuya padlocks, timer padlocks, etc. We also offer free customization services. If you are interested in fingerprint padlock, please contact us!

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