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Three Reasons Why You Should Use Smart Door Locks

The door lock is the first security barrier of the home, and it is a device that is used almost every day in the family. Under the big wave of smart home, the intelligentization of door locks is also a trend, and smart door locks can be said to emerge as the times require. Smart door locks can be unlocked using mobile phones, and users can also set visitor permissions through mobile phones, and only "invited" people can use mobile phones to unlock.

Three reasons why You should use smart door locks

1.Security - unique and unreproducible

The key for a traditional mechanical lock only takes a few minutes, and you can get the key you want at a very low cost. Fingerprints are unique features of the human body, and their complexity is sufficient to provide sufficient features for identification; smart door locks no longer have to worry about keys being copied because of the unique and unreproducible advantages of fingerprints.

2.Convenience - you don't need to bring a key when you go out

You don’t have to worry about forgetting your keys when you go out, losing your keys when you go out to travel, looking for your keys when you go shopping, going to the community to exercise or for a walk and losing your keys. A person's fingerprints remain unchanged for life, and once a fingerprint is entered, it can be used for life. And a person can enter the fingerprints of different fingers. Touch to open, reverse to lock.

3.Fashion - improve the quality of the family

Fingerprint technology is a major trend in the development of locks, and the use of smart door locks represents fashion, dignity and atmosphere. The appearance design is fashionable and generous. In addition, intelligent anti-peeping, unique virtual password input method design, etc., are also very popular in the market.

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