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Smart Door Lock

With the rapid development of society, safety is a huge issue. Family safety is a very important part of our lives.Generally speaking, the most common way to protect our houses and property is to use locks and keys.It is easy to pair multiple keys with a single lock cylinder, but in the 21st century, more modes of door lock sets gradually appear on the market, such as smart password locks, fingerprint smart locks, smart card locks, and so on.Modern systems that use passwords or fingerprints as authentication tools provide a higher level of security, and such door lock systems bring us convenience.

What is smart door lock?

The smart door lock system is a smart lock equipped with a fingerprint scanner. No need to use a physical key, you just need to put your finger on the scanner to unlock the door.Generally speaking, a fingerprint lock allows users to store multiple fingerprints (depending on its storage capacity).

Is the smart door lock safe to use?

Like other standard door lock, the Smart Fingerprint Door Lock can provide greater security for your home, office and hotel. One of the first and most commonly used biometric systems, fingerprint door locks are a system that allows access to a room by identifying the fingerprint. Human fingerprints have many details and are very unique and cannot be easily forged or altered, so it is safe to use smart door locks.


In this era of continuous technological advancement, fingerprint door locks increase the appearance and charm of the venue.Whether it is an entry door lock for a house or an office area, you should try a smart door lock and fingerprint lock, and kenronesafe are your quality choice.In the era of intelligence, choose the right smart door lock can improve your quality of life.

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