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How are bicycle stolen?

When you're thinking about protecting your bicycle, it's important to understand how your bicycle is stolen. Because you can't protect it from being stolen all the time.

According to the study, the most obvious tool for thieves is pliers, which are inexpensive, portable and easy to hide. Most effective for chain locks, bicycle locks, etc. with very low security. Bike locks come in a variety of sizes and with different levels of security. The more secure the species are, the larger, heavier, and less portable they are. Therefore, like other security devices, choosing a bicycle lock is a trade-off between safety, portability, and economy.

Kenronesafe bicycle locks are just that safe, portable, and economical. Not only that, but it also uses biometric fingerprint recognition technology, which is highly secure; built-in lithium battery, which can be unlocked about 2,000 times with sufficient power. IP65 dustproof and rainproof design, suitable for bicycles, electric vehicles, etc.

Effective anti-theft, easy to unlock, isn't this what you want to choose?

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