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Are fingerprint padlocks safe?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

The last article talked about the three major benefits of fingerprint padlocks, so let's talk about whether fingerprint padlocks are really safe?

First of all, the unchanged working principle and unlocking method of traditional mechanical padlocks have brought a lot of trouble to people. Because it is not easy for users to find a correct key in a pile of keys to unlock, not to mention the embarrassment of not being able to unlock the lock without finding the key, and occasionally there is a dangerous situation where the lock is stolen without warning, so the traditional padlock The lack of security and intelligence leads to limited space for its development.

Due to the rapid advancement of biometric fingerprint technology, fingerprint padlocks can only be opened by verified users, which is convenient and safe. When you put your finger on the padlock, the reader scans and reads your fingerprint data and saves it to a digital template. You are the only person with a specific fingerprint, which means that no one other than you can open your padlock, which is very different from the security of traditional padlocks.

If you frequently lose or misplace your keys, a fingerprint padlock is perfect for you. Fingerprint recognition technology uses your fingerprint to unlock the lock and does not require a key. Kenronesafe Smart Fingerprint Padlock allows you to register up to ten unique fingerprints for your family and loved ones, you don't have to use an app or connect via Bluetooth, you can unlock it 360 degrees, one touch, and you don't have to adjust your finger to unlock s position.

With the times, biometrics are more and more difficult to crack, then the only option for a thief is to break your padlock, so any theft is tricky.

So compared to traditional padlocks, fingerprint padlocks are more safe, why don't you choose it?

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