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smart lock box

GUN Case

Strong Anti-theft Capability 

No Embroidery, No Paint

Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets

Gun Case With Fingerprint Lock

  • Super B class anti-theft door lock cylinder 

  • Large capacity 18650 ternary lithium battery 

  • High-end geared motor 

  • High-end fingerprint chip 

  • The top cover of the safe pops up automatically and at a constant speed 

  • Damping feeling when closing the safe 

  • Super low sound 

  • Environmental pioneer 

Product Parameter

Brand Name: KENRONE
Model Number: KRS-KB234
Product Name: Gun Case With Fingerprint Lock
Material: Cold rolled steel plate
Color: Matte Black
Unlock Way: Password, fingerprint, key, fingerprint + password
Internal Dimensions: 65(H) x 177 (W) x297 (L) MM
Net Weight: 3.65kg
Fingerprint Module Resolutio: 508DPL
Battery Life: 800 charges and discharges (15 years)
Working Voltage: 3.5-4.2v

Product Details

Gun Case With Fingerprint Lock
Gun Case With Fingerprint Lock
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