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glass door lock


Specializing in the field of smart lock production

Biometric Glass Door Lock

  • Fingerprint recognition: Semiconductor fingerprint recognition module, suitable for elderly and child.

  • Digital Touch Keypad Panel with Backlight: makes it convenient to use at night.

  • Convenient APP management system, you can manage your smart lock anytime and anywhere.

  • Doorbell Function:press "#" button,the doorbell will sound.

Product Parameter

Product model: KRS-SL-P36

Brand Name: KENRONE

Color: Matte Black
Material: Metal + Plastic
Weight: 1.6KG/ Pc
Language: Chinese, English
Power life: About 10 months
Working current: <200mA
Scan time: <1S

Product Details

Biometric Glass Door Lock
Biometric Glass Door Lock

smart door lock,fingerprint lock,smart lock 

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