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Product Parameter

Model: KRS-RL255
Material: Stainless steel/zinc alloy
Color: Black
Power supply: 4 dry batteries, optional 12V power supply
Quiescent Current: < 50- 65 mA
Number of administrators: 9 groups
Unlock way: Fingerprint, credit card, password, APP
Working current: >250mA (strong driving ability)
Number of fingerprints: ≤100
Number of cards: ≤100
Number of passwords: ≤100
Number of remote controls: ≤30
Password length: 6-8 digits
Virtual password: 16 bits
Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C
Relative humidity: 20% ~ 93%


Product Feature

  1. Unlocking method: fingerprint, password, card, APP, mechanical key, remote control.
  2. Semiconductor fingerprint: high-sensitivity semiconductor fingerprint recognition, quick response to unlock, prevent false fingerprints.
  3. Automatic locking: door closing sensor, the lock tongue pops out automatically.
  4. Unlocking method: long-term password, one-time temporary password.
  5. Power supply mode: 4 dry batteries, long-term battery life.
  6. Door opening record: the unlocking record is saved locally to protect privacy.
  7. USB emergency interface: emergency power shortage can be used from external power supply.

Keyless Rim Door Lock

Color: black

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