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Product Parameter

Model: KRS-HL144
Brand name: KENRONE
Material: Aluminum alloy
Fingerprint capacity: 30 pieces
Working temperature: -25℃~55℃
Low voltage alarm voltage: 4.6±0.2V
Dynamic current: <100ma
Quiescent current: < 10uA
False acceptance rate: < 0.001%
Unlock way: Fingerprint+Key(Optional APP)


Product Feature

  1. Unlocking method: fingerprint, mechanical key, APP
  2. Semiconductor fingerprints: highly sensitive semiconductor fingerprint recognition to prevent false fingerprints
  3. Normally open mode: it can be set to open the door lock directly without verification
  4. Interchangeable handle: the door handle can be opened in both directions, suitable for left and right doors
  5. USB power supply interface: when the battery power is low, it can be connected to an external USB power supply
  6. Lock cylinder: C-level lock cylinder, more secure protection

Door Handle Fingerprint Lock

PreçoA partir de $60,00