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Product Parameter

Product model: KRS-EL270

Brand Name: KENRONE

Panel material: High quality aluminum alloy
Surface technology: Oil injection + electrophoresis
Outer lock size: 152*63*28mm
Door thickness requirement: 40-110mm
Working temperature: -20°C~60°C
Networking method: Bluetooth
Power supply mode: 4 alkaline dry batteries
Low battery alarm voltage: 4.8v
Standby current: 60 microamps
Working current: <200mA
Key Type: Capacitive Touch Key
Fingerprint head type: Semiconductor (ZFM-10)<0.001%<1.0%
Authentic rejection rate (FRR): <0.001%
False Recognition Rate (FAR): <1.0%
Fingerprint capacity: 120 groups (customizable expansion)
Number of passwords: support 150 groups (unlimited dynamic passwords)
Card Type: M1 Card
Number of IC cards: 200
Unlock way: App, Password, IC card, Mechanical key(Optional fingerprint)
Scope of application: Hotel, home, school, apartment


Product Feature

The free handle design effectively prevents violent unlocking.

The virtual password design prevents the risk of password leakage at close range.

Multi-level permissions, assigned online.

Digital Handle Fingerprint Door Lock