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Why choose to use a fingerprint gun case?

Burglary and robbery are not new things. Such dangerous incidents exist everywhere, and guns are undoubtedly a good tool for self-defense and survival.

One of the things you have to think about as a gun owner is actually keeping your gun safe.

Then where should guns be stored to ensure safety? Gun unloaded? Hiding under the pillow? No no no. These safety measures are too poor. If there are children and elderly people in the family who touch or play by mistake, causing the firearm to go off and hurt themselves or others, it will be very harmful. Therefore, you should keep your guns in a special gun case.

Fortunately, at KENRONE, we can provide you with stylish, high-security, strong, quick-access fingerprint gun cases. This is a two-in-one portable fingerprint gun case with fingerprint and password. When your safety is threatened, the speed and ease of access to the gun are important points. You only need to touch the safe with your finger With the fingerprint recognition of the box, you can easily take out your weapon to protect yourself. Of course, our gun case also retains the traditional unlocking method: mechanical password. You don't need to carry any unlocking tool when you travel, because your finger is the unlocking tool, which is very portable.

Choosing a fingerprint gun case can make your family safer. If you have young children who are unaware of the potential dangers of firearms, it is imperative that you store your firearms safely. This sturdy gun case will keep them out of the way, keeping you and your family safe and secure. The gun case shell is made of eco-friendly coating, no harm to the skin, you can store the safe case under the car seat, closet, office, basement, bedroom, or any other place that is convenient for you.

This fingerprint biometric gun box can also be used to lock valuables such as wallets, important documents, prescription drugs, credit cards, checks, small electronic devices, watches, and jewelry. Prevent your firearms or valuables from falling into the wrong hands. Your best bet is to use a 2-in-1 gun case with a biometric fingerprint code, so contact us now and try this smart gun case.

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