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Why choose the newly upgraded smart U lock?

In the smart age, locks are also essential for those who often ride bicycles or scooters.

But what's wrong with cyclists? Students and office workers rushed out the door and came to the bicycles when they were about to be late. They found that they did not have the key with the anti-theft lock, so they had to run back to get the key, thus missing the time to arrive at the school or company on time. In life, we will encounter a lot of inconvenience caused by security u locks.

The traditional U lock is nothing more than a key to unlock, and then upgraded to a mechanical code to unlock, but such a U lock is often inconvenient to use, or the key is lost, or the code is stuck. In order to solve this pain point, KENRONE has developed a smart U lock. This smart U lock is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, and the lock beam and lock head are separated to ensure the stability of the U lock and effectively resist violent damage. When the lock is unlocked, the U lock will make a "didi" sound to remind you that your lock has been opened. You don't need to carry any unlocking tools, your fingers are your keys, and you can easily unlock the lock with just one APP on your phone. Say goodbye to the trouble of forgetting and losing keys.

Of course, if you still want to use the traditional key to open the lock, we still retain the mechanical key to open the lock. You only need to open the rainproof key cover at the bottom, and you can use the key to open the lock. The lock is protected by a silicone shell, and the life is waterproof up to IP67, which is suitable for various outdoor environments and has a longer life.

In general, the design of the U lock not only retains the traditional functions but also complies with the changes in the smart age. If you want to better protect your bicycle or valuables, choosing KENROEN is a good decision!

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