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Why choose a smart key box instead of a mechanical key box?

James: I offer house rental services, and it is inconvenient to use mechanical key boxes, because it is difficult for me to remember the combination of each key box, and changing the combination is a big project.

David: The smart key box is more convenient and safer. I can easily use fingerprints and cards to unlock the lock, and I can also send the password remotely with the mobile phone, so as to avoid the embarrassment of waiting when there are visitors but the owner has not arrived home.

Amy: The smart key box looks more elegant, and I think it can improve the quality of my house.

If you are traveling and have pets or plants at home that need to be taken care of, you only need to put the key in the key box and hang it on the door, and then tell your family or friends the password, and they can easily enter your home.

If you are a homeowner, warehouse manager, car renter or real estate agent on a short-term rental platform, the smart key box can provide you with convenience. You no longer need to hang a bunch of them around if you go around, just store them in the key box.

If you are on a business trip and your colleagues say that you suddenly need a particularly urgent document, this document is at your home, but you can't go back. At this time, you can set a time-limited password on the mobile phone, tell your colleague this password, and ask him to go to your home to pick up the file. You can set an effective time for this password, such as 5 minutes. Then, after 5 minutes, the password will automatically expire and become invalid, so you don’t have to worry about your colleagues getting the key to your house next time.

How can such a product not make people excited?

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