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Why choose a smart key box?

With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, smart devices occupy a higher and higher position in our lives. It can be said that smart devices have entered thousands of households. And smart door locks are gradually becoming another big outlet in the smart home market. But the price is so expensive that many people who want to try smart door locks are discouraged. At this time, you need a product with similar functions to smart door locks and a low price. Then, the KR-KB150F smart key box made by Keronesafe is your best choice.

It is a safe, convenient and durable smart key case. It can securely store all your keys and access cards in one place, when you go out, you only need to hang it on the door and take the keys out from the inside when you come back. And its installation is very flexible, you can embed it in the outer wall, or hang it on the door handle like a padlock, without worrying about it being taken away by others.

Just imagine, when you buy a lot of things from the supermarket and come back to your door, you have to put the things on the ground, and then find the key in your body or bag, and finally open the door, how inconvenient! ! ! With the smart lock box, you can open the door without bringing the key or worrying about forgetting the key.

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