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Why are smart door locks gradually accepted by people?

With the continuous evolution of the smart home trend, smart door locks have gradually become a daily necessity, and the anxiety of “forgetting your keys” is becoming a thing of the past. Home door locks have also been updated with the advancement of technology, and smart door locks have also entered most families.

Because of the many advantages of smart door locks, it is accepted and liked by people.

1. The smart door lock is safer without a keyhole and has an anti-theft style, which is safe and secure

2. Compared with mechanical locks, electronic modules are added, intelligent unlocking, and a security alarm system. Multiple module protection prevents malicious unlocking and protects family safety.

3. In addition to the emergency mechanical key, there are more unlocking methods, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring the key. It can also cooperate with the home gateway to remotely unlock the lock. It also has functions such as temporary passwords, which are convenient to use.

4. With the use of a mobile phone APP, a one-click query unlocks records, and online operation saves time and effort.

5. Battery-powered, intelligent unlocking, there will be no problems like mechanical door locks that have been used for a long time and the lock cylinder is stuck.

If you are tempted, please contact KENRONE to order a smart lock for your own family.

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