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What is smart lock?

Smart locks refer to locks that are more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management, which are different from traditional mechanical locks.The smart lock is an evolution of the mechanical lock. It drives the motor to unlock through the control chip. The unlocking methods include fingerprints, passwords, swiping cards, APPs, keys, etc., which has greatly improved security. Smart locks are used in many places.

From the definition of smart lock, there are three key elements: user identification, security, and management.

Electronic locks solve the main work of user identification. Biometric identification through fingerprints, irises, and faces is currently a relatively advanced method.

The security is improved on the basis of mechanical locks. Compared with mechanical locks, the security of electronic locks is higher because it can initiate security alarms through circuits. It can only be reinforced in the production of the lock cylinder.

The last one is management. This key factor determines the division of electronic locks and real smart locks. It can be managed remotely, and people can even control the door lock settings and switch lock operations of domestic homes abroad. This of course adds more and more powerful mechanisms for user identification and security.

It is these three key elements that make the advantages of smart locks more prominent.

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