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What changes will smart locks bring into our homes?

Are you still worried about taking your keys when you go out? Are you still worried about the security and anti-theft problems of ordinary mechanical locks? Today I will introduce to you an entry door lock that enhances the happiness at home.

It is fingerprint + password + mechanical key + mobile app management + card, and has a virtual password, unlocking more secure; mobile phone management unlocking system, door lock status is more secure.

Get rid of the trouble of forgetting to take the key, you can easily go out anytime, anywhere; there is also a temporary password function, which solves problems such as part-time cleaners, friends temporarily staying, pet feeding on business trips, etc., giving you more convenient enjoyment; password fingerprint unlocking, don't worry about children carrying it to school The key problem, the safety is more assured.

This smart door lock is also suitable for different door types, whether it is a framed glass door, aluminum alloy door or sliding door, wooden door, can be used in different scenes, and its shell has waterproof function, so it can also be used Use on outdoor entry doors with eaves.

If you are interested in it, come and order it and start your wonderful journey home.

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