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What are the differences between traditional button combination locks and modern smart door locks?

I believe that everyone is no stranger to smart door locks. With the opening of the smart home era, the demand for smart door locks is getting higher and higher. Many people should have been attracted by early smart door locks to try. With the advancement of technology Development, do you keep up with the trend of the times to replace more modern smart door locks?

In the beginning, many of the smart door locks we came into contact with were key code locks, and their functions were very single. But it also solves the trouble that people forget to bring their keys when they go out. With the continuous improvement of living standards and the development of technology, we have higher and higher requirements for the safety index of door locks. With the popularization of technology and products, its functions are more advanced and perfect; fingerprint code locks, mobile phone APP door locks, face recognition locks, palmprint recognition locks, etc., all kinds of new products appear one after another.

The new generation of smart door locks is different from the past in that it can completely realize keyless entry and exit, and can manage the opening and closing of the lock through the mobile phone. It uses the integration of wireless communication technology, Internet technology, and encryption and decryption technology. You can turn your mobile phone into an electronic key, and you can realize keyless induction door locks and remote door locks. Compared with the early traditional smart locks, the technology is more upgraded and has a stronger sense of technology. Touch screen passwords and semiconductor fingerprints can prevent more unsafe hazards; it can also be used with gateways to connect with other smart home products at home, completely in the smart home. The living space brings a different experience and more convenience to life.

Let's take action, choose KENRONE, and experience more different modern smart door locks!

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