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Smart Lock Box

While smart door locks do have some useful features, swapping your existing locks for smart ones certainly is a hassle. Smart Lock Box offers an alternative, by bringing smart functionality to "dumb" locks.One of the main selling features of smart locks is the fact that by using an app, homeowners can grant temporary house-access to certain other people.except instead of being an actual lock, it's a lock box that holds a spare key for the door's conventional lock. Utilizing an accompanying internet-connected iOS/Android app, the homeowner can allow other people to unlock the box in order to get that key, in a few different ways.First of all, they can remotely grant immediate one-time access, that only lasts five minutes. This is handy for situations such as when a house-cleaning service arrives while the homeowner is at work, and calls to let them know they need to get inside.

As is the case with most Smart lock box or when the password in entered on the box's back-lit keypad. Additionally, an integrated fingerprint scanner can store the prints of up to 50 people, allowing the box to be unlocked with a simple touch.can either be screw-mounted directly to an exterior wall, or hung off a doorknob using an optional shackle.

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