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Smart Key Lock Box With Remote Access

Smart lock box store house keys, car keys, access cards, and more, all while protecting your valuables. The best smart lock box can not only protect your belongings conveniently but also bring a safer and more convenient decoration experience to decoration companies and families, making it a worthwhile investment product.

In addition, it has many unlocking functions, such as fingerprint, password, key, APP, etc.; of course, the scope of use is also very wide.

Family Sharing

In addition to your own use, KENRONE smart lock box can also provide your family or friends with a spare key for your home. If you are traveling and have pets or plants that need to be taken care of at home, you only need to put the key in the smart key box, hang it on the door, and tell your family or friends the password, and they can enter your home.

Business Use

Whether you are a homeowner, warehouse manager, car renter or real estate agent on a short-term rental platform, KENRONE smart lock box can provide you with convenience. You no longer need to hang a bunch of them everywhere you go, just store them inside.

Use Outside

Go out for a run, go shopping, don't want to hang a bunch of keys? It doesn't matter, you can put them all in the KENRONE smart lock box.


With the continuous development of smart technology, smart lock box have more and more market prospects, and the problems of carrying and losing keys will be solved.

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