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Smart door lock VS Traditional door lock

Whether it is security or convenience, smart locks are better than mechanical locks.

First of all, in terms of safety, the anti-theft means of traditional mechanical locks are very passive. When encountering thieves, they can only be at the mercy of them and will not make any response. The owner will not be able to find out when he is not at home. The anti-theft method of smart locks is more active. When a thief picks the lock, it will emit a loud alarm sound to scare away the thief. At the same time, it will immediately push the alarm information to home users, and every time the door is opened or the battery is low, it will There is push information sent to the user's mobile phone, which can help the user to grasp the status of the home door lock in real time.

In terms of convenience, mechanical locks only have the function of unlocking with a key. In this fast-paced era, I believe that everyone has experienced the situation of forgetting the key, losing the key and other reasons and being unable to enter the house. The smart door lock has a variety of unlocking functions such as fingerprint, password, mobile phone NFC, credit card, temporary password, key, remote unlocking, etc., which can meet the different needs of users in different situations, and no longer need to worry about the key.

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