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Smart Bicycle Lock

All related academic journals, dissertations, and patent were collected, ordered, classified, and analysis in order to understand the phase of the developing tendency towards the bicycle lock apparatus presently. Nowadays, a wave of riding bicycles all over the world is quite prevailing. Also, the bicycles incline to be high-price sporting and recreational equipment. Due to this, the rate of stolen bicycles has increased as well. Even though there are many different types of bicycle locks sold on the market, they are unable to work out effectively to prevent from being stolen because they are easy to be broken.

Smart bicycle locks can do without the conventional key. The connection to a smartphone app opens and closes the digital bike lock. This is done either manually by pressing a button on the smartphone or directly on the lock, or fully automatically without another handle.

This comfortable and keyless solution as with cars is a relief for any cyclist. By controlling the smart bicycle lock via an app on your smartphone, you always have your digital key, and you do not even have to get it out of your pocket, depending on the lock model.

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