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Locks can be unlocked without keys

According to the statistics, there are 90% people who experienced being rejected by the lock because they forget or lost the key. Did you have this experience?

As the progressing of the technology, many key-less locks emerged and grew up quickly in the market these years. They usually have the fingerprint, card, password, Bluetooth unlock way.

KENRONE-Smart Lock

Comparing to the mechanical key locks, people no longer need to take so many keys with themselves. Their finger, phone, will be the key. What’s more, the magic of technology make the lock can be controlled in hundred miles away by the WIFI. Second the electronic locks will be more safety than the mechanical ones. Because the false recognition rate of the smart locks is really low, which makes it hard to be unlocked by non-verified users. Some models even has the 3D facial recognition system, it will record the features of the verified person. It makes the fake one hard to get access.


The smart locks are more convenient and safety than the traditional locks. As time goes by, people are more available to accept the high-tech products. If you want to start a business about smart locks, KENRONE will provide your good products and service. Feel free to contact us.

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