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Is the backpack padlock safe?

In today's society, all kinds of household products and electronic products are developing in the direction of intelligence. If you still use keys to unlock, you will fall behind. Small and portable smart locks are becoming more and more popular on the market, and smart padlocks are no exception.

Are you troubled by thieves for the luggage you carry on a long trip? Many people pay special attention to privacy protection. Are you worried about the inability to ensure the safety of private property in public office spaces? If these problems exist, why not take a look at the KENRONE smart mini fingerprint backpack padlock? It is small and light, but some people worry about whether such a small backpack padlock is safe.

The lock body size of the backpack padlock is 51*29*13mm, the overall is very small, and the edge of the lock body is designed with a curved shape, which looks very round. In addition, the weight of this product is only 35g. From the material point of view, the lock body shell is made of high-density zinc alloy, which has high hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance, and is not easy to deform. In addition, the lock beam is made of stainless steel, which is more difficult to cut with pliers and is not easily damaged by external force.

In addition, the power consumption of this backpack padlock is very low, and it has a very strong battery life after being fully charged. You can use it safely when traveling or going out, and you don’t have to worry about not being able to open it due to lack of power.

The backpack padlock adopts an advanced semiconductor fingerprint chip, which is extremely anti-theft. 20 fingerprints can be built in, and the recognition rate of fingerprints is very high, which reduces the tediousness of unlocking through keys. It can be easily unlocked with a light touch of a finger. In addition, the lock is waterproof and corrosion-resistant, not afraid of wind and rain, and is suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments.

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