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How does the smart lock lead the home security market?

With the development of science and technology, smart home is more and more widely used in every household. Smart homes are smarter and more functional than traditional home appliances. It is also with the popularity of smart homes that home security, as a part of smart homes, has always attracted attention. According to the results of the research survey, in the proportion of supply equipment, home security accounts for 21%, ranking first.

The main products of home security include smart door locks, smart security sensors and so on. In the ranking of the frequency of use of popular smart home products, smart door locks rank first in the home security market. It can be seen that most users think that smart locks can avoid hidden dangers in home security.

As the first line of defense for home security, smart locks are significantly different from traditional mechanical locks. First of all, their lock cylinders are different. Traditional mechanical locks generally use A-level or B-level lock cylinders. The structure is relatively simple, and the unlocking time is as long as 5 minutes, and as little as 1 minute. The smart lock is generally equipped with a C-level lock cylinder with the highest anti-theft level. Even for professionals to open the lock, it takes at least 270 minutes, or even longer.

KENRONE Smart Lock

Take the KENRONE smart lock as an example. Its lock cylinder adopts a number of anti-theft technologies and a C-level lock cylinder with a unique pin and blade structure design, which greatly improves the family's anti-theft level. Not only that, the KENRONE smart lock adopts the DE dual system design, and the front and rear panels can operate independently, so as to prevent the electronic control part from crashing and restarting to unlock due to the strong electromagnetic attack of the Tesla coil. In other words, KENRONE smart locks are not afraid of small black boxes, and will always strictly protect consumers' homes.

With the popularity of smart homes, smart locks have been leading the smart security market, avoiding hidden dangers for users, which is also the basis for the continuous development and innovation of KENRONE smart locks.

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