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Do you want to get rid of the trouble of forgetting the door keys?

If you want to do this, let me tell you the best answer: install a smart door lock that doesn't require a key to open the lock. Now technology is developing faster and faster, and there are many smart products that make our life more convenient. Take the smart door lock as an example: generally, smart door locks have a variety of unlocking methods such as digital passwords, fingerprints, APP, IC Card, keys, etc. So if you install a smart lock, you have other ways to open the door rather than wasting your time and money to wait the locksmith.

Our company KENRONE, as a leading professional lock manufacturer in China for more than 20 years, has a professional R&D team and an experienced sales team. In the past 20 years, our company has won wide acclaim from customers because of our prominent service attitude and excellent product quality.

With development, we have smart door locks, bike locks, padlocks and key boxes promotion all over the world. Regarding the door lock, KRS-EL316 is our most popular product.

According to market research, compared with other door locks, this lock has the following advantages:

1. 5 unlocking methods including mechanical key, digital password, fingerprint, IC card, and TT LOCK;

2. 2 versions of security doors and interior doors;

3. 4 alkaline batteries which can stand by for 365 days under normal conditions;

4. This lock has a function of virtual password so that nobody will know the exact password even if you put in the password under his eye.

This model collected the four advantages and we believe it will be more popular.

If you are interested in our new model, welcome to send an inquiry.

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