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Benefits of Smart Door Locks

What? Forgot the key? Don't worry, let the smart door lock help you!

Smart door lock refers to a lock that is improved on the basis of being different from traditional mechanical locks and is more intelligent and simple in terms of user security, identification, and management. The smart door lock is the executive component for locking the door in the access control system.

It has many scenarios:

1. Refer to the smartphone for control, such as the IOS platform or Android system platform for remote control, enter the set password to control, and the door will automatically open for you.

2. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring your key or losing the key, and your family members can also remotely unlock the lock for you through an operation.

3. For security, the wifi smart door lock has a more complete protection mechanism. Anyone who has been authorized to unlock, lock, and lock it can be mastered you and your family in time.

4. It is widely used in the following places: banks, government departments (focus on safety), hotels, school dormitories, residential quarters, villas, and hotels (focus on convenient management).

5. Smart door locks are mainly used in systems such as smart homes, smart hotels/hotels, and smart buildings.

Choose a smart lock. Say no to bad memory! Say no to thieves!

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