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Advantages of using a smart fingerprint padlock

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Smart fingerprint padlocks have changed the way we secure our homes and offices. Kenrone set a high average for the device. With a fingerprint machine, a frontal recording can be made by using an individual's fingerprint. Fingerprint unlocking is a part of our everyday lives these days - think smartphones, tablets and laptops now have fingerprint recognition as standard.


Kenrone's unique technology is incorporated into the smart fingerprint padlock, each individual fingerprint has its own exclusive fingerprint, and no two fingerprints are the same, thus increasing the level of security. With a physical key deadbolt lock, thieves can easily break or pick the lock, so it's not completely secure. Card-based door systems can be cut, and the cost of replacing them can be prohibitive if lost or stolen. Hacking of fingerprint-based systems is very difficult, if not inconceivable. It's very comforting to know that each individual fingerprint has a fingerprint, which is the only criterion for gaining access.


Kenrone's Smart Fingerprint Padlock is gentle and calm to use. Instead of resonating around the key, you always get your unique fingerprint, which allows you to always use your key and avoid being locked out. Biometric authentication improves security by providing a secure and uncrackable solution for admission control.

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