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Invisible Rfid Cabinet Lock

1. Easy to install                                                                   2. Invisible and safe                                                             3. Multi-mode optional, flexible management                         4. Wide application range                                                     5. Complete supporting functions

Product Parameter

Name: Invisible Rfid Cabinet Lock
Model: KRS-PL128
Brand: Kerongsmart
Material: ABS plastic
Color: Gray, black, white
Power Supply: 2 AA batteries
Unlock way: Card
Reading range: Less than 2.5cm
Weight: 125g

Wardrobe, cabinet, drawer, etc.
Working life: More than 100,000 times
Card set: 3 admin and 11 user
Unlock time: Within 1 second after successful swiping
Operating Voltage: 6V
Applicable humidity: 93%RH

Product Details

Hidden lock.jpg
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