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smart lock box

GUN Case

Strong Anti-theft Capability

No Embroidery, No Paint

Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets

Handgun Safe Box

  • Steel case, zinc alloy lock, imported chips, even if the gun case used for ten years will not have quality problems.

  • In the absence of power, you can use the spare key to open the device and replace the battery. 

  • Low voltage warning, when the battery is low to open the safe will sound three times, LED flash three times.

  • Easy to install, only four screws to fix.

  • Ultra-low power consumption, 4 AA alkaline batteries, the service life of up to 12 months.

Product Parameter

Brand Name: KENRONE
Model Number: KRS-KB410
Product Name: Handgun Safe Box
Color: Black
Material: Cold-roll steel sheets
Dimensions:External: 165*89*330mm:Internal: 146*57*216mm
Weight: 3.1kg
Unlock Way: Password

Product Details

Handgun Safe Box
Handgun Safe Box
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