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smart lock box


Strong Anti-theft Capability 

No Embroidery, No Paint 

Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets

Gun Case Safe

  • Support up to 1000 password combinations.

  • Complies with TSA Airline Firearms Guidelines.

  • A4 paper size,can be put into handbags, backpacks, etc., easy to carry.

  • More child-friendly design, rounded edges make it safe for children.

  • Eco-friendly and child-friendly coating, 185℃ (365℉) drying, protect the safe from rust. 

  • Matte black coating on the inner and outer surfaces, 360-degree beauty without dead ends. 

  • Interior top and bottom lined with 1/2" thick memory foam. 

  • Hidden tamper-proof hinge, can not be forcibly opened from the outside. 

  • Built-in anti-pry steel walls on both sides to prevent violent opening.

Product Parameter

Brand Name: KENRONE
Model Number: KRS-KB270
Product Name: Gun Case Safe
Material: 1.2mm cold rolled steel plate
Color: Black,red,green,white,blue
Unlock Way: Password
Sponge Density: 20kg/M3
Password Type: Wave wheel code
Whether to Use Electricity: NO
Whether to Customize: Yes
Surface Treatment: Plating

Product Details

Gun Case Safe
Gun Case Safe
Gun Case Safe
Gun Case Safe
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