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smart lock box


Strong Anti-theft Capability 

No Embroidery, No Paint 

Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets

​Fingerprint Gun Case

  • Identify the different types of fingerprint.

  • Mechanical password and fingerprint unlock.

  • BYD fingerprint chips, anti-scratch high-end fingerprint module.

  • The fingerprint chip will unlock safe within 0.5s

  • Can work for 10 months on a single charge.

  • Burglar wall, two built-in burglar-proof steel walls.

Product Parameter

Brand Name: KENRONE
Model Number: KRS-KB300
Product Name: ​Fingerprint Gun Case
Material: Steel plate
Color: Black White
Unlock Way: Fingerprint,mechanical password
Size: 240*165*48mm
Weight: 1.1kg
Battery Life: 500 times of charge and discharge (10 years)
Whether to Customize: Yes
Voltage: 3.7V

Product Details

​Fingerprint Gun Case
​Fingerprint Gun Case
​Fingerprint Gun Case
​Fingerprint Gun Case
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