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glass door lock


Specializing in the field of smart lock production

Digital Lock Glass Door

  • Semiconductor fingerprint recognition, quick unlock.

  • Low power consumption and long battery life.

  • Virtual password unlock to prevent peeping.

Product Parameter

Model: KRS-SL-P155
Brand name: KENRONE
Shell material: ABS strong plastic
Network type: Bluetooth
Emergency interface: USB interface
Battery supply:4.5V~6.5V
Voice: Chinese and English bilingual
Applicable door type:Glassdoor, wooden door, glass framed door, double opening/single opening
Adapt to door thickness:Glassdoor 10mm~12mm, wooden door and framed door thickness 10cm, inner front width minimum 7cm
Standard unlocking function: Fingerprint, password, credit card, temporary password, virtual password
Optional functions: Remote control unlocking, Tuya 

Product Details

Digital Lock Glass Door
Digital Lock Glass Door
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