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glass door lock


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Digital Electronic Door Lock

  • Silent mode: The beep sound when the keyboard is pressed can be muted.

  • Normally open mode: the bolt is always unlocked.

  • Automatic locking: automatically lock the door bolt 5-30 seconds after unlocking.

Product Parameter

Model: KRS-DL169
Brand name: KENRONE
Material: Front panel, zinc alloy, back cover, plastic
Latch: 60/70mm adjustable locking latch
Keys: 2 copper keys
Power supply: 4 AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries
Suitable for door thickness: 35~45 mm
Unlocking way: Password,key
Normally open mode: the latch is always unlocked
Automatic locking: Automatically lock the door bolt 5-30 seconds after unlocking

Product Details

Digital Electronic Door Lock
Digital Electronic Door Lock

Glass door lock,Smart lock,Fingerprint lock

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